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Whether you’re a recreational or professional player, the helmet is an important piece of equipment. That goes without saying. Someone should also say, and we are, that the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet is super affordable but offers some nice features the dollar-conscious recreational league skater will appreciate. The IMS 5.0 is a great choice for the entry-level or recreational player who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles—just solid, reliable protection. If it comes with an upscale feature or two, then so much the better.

  • Two-piece shell design for customizable comfort and safe, snug fit
  • Tool-free adjustment system for on-the-fly fit adjustments
  • 10 exterior vents for optimal air flow and cool comfort
  • Dual-density VN foam liner for solid impact protection and comfort
  • Profile I traditionally shaped cage for reliable protection
  • Single-density chin cup for stable comfort and protection

Bauer uses a two-piece shell design in the IMS 5.0, similar to the design in its top-end Re-Akt helmets—with a tool-free adjustment system to boot. Simply pull the easy-to-use flaps and the helmet can be expanded or contracted for a customized fit. A helmet’s fit must be snug, after all, if it’s going to provide maximum protection. And the tool-free adjustment system is a nice feature for a helmet at this price point.

The IMS 5.0 also includes plenty of interior and exterior ventilation to cool the recreational player’s head. With two front, two rear, and six top vents, air flow is maximized so that even the shaggiest beer leaguer will feel it.

Inside Bauer’s IMS 5.0 is a traditional, dual-density VN foam liner. The base foam layer is a harder VN for good impact protection while the top foam layer is softer, designed for comfort. Overall, the helmet provides a comfortable and traditional fit and feel that’s adjustable and well-vented. The interior top includes an additional layer of vented material for even more air flow.

The cage combo version of the IMS 5.0 comes with Bauer’s Profile I cage, a traditionally shaped cage that includes a single-density chin cup for stable comfort and reliable protection.

If you’re a weekend warrior—whether you go with the helmet alone or the combo (we recommend using a cage)—you’ll feel like a pro when you put on the solid, affordable IMS 5.0 Ice Hockey Helmet by Bauer and hit the local rink.

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