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Bauer Concept 3 Visor Clear

Bauer Concept 3 Visor Clear

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Sometimes as a hockey player you wish you could have a better visual of the ice, instead of feeling like you’re trapped behind bars, literally. Now see the whole play, without the feeling of incarceration with the Concept III Full Face Shield by Bauer.

This High-impact polycarbonate shield is made to take a beating, because let’s face it, it is hockey. But taking a beating is ok because the outside of the Concept III is equipped with an enhanced anti-scratch coating, to keep the shield clear for as long as possible.

Bauer expanded the visual area in the Concept III, giving you a wide screen view that your eyes are used to seeing, plus with an interior anti-fog coating and strategic vent locations you won’t need to defrost this baby.

See the whole ice and not 1x1 squares of it with the improved, sturdy, anti-fogging Concept III Full Face Shield by Bauer.

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