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Alpha One Combo BK BLACK

Alpha One Combo BK BLACK

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New for 2019 is the Alpha One Pro Helmet from Warrior Hockey! With a true one-piece construction, along with various features in the protection department, plus a custom fit system, the Alpha One Pro Helmet is one of the most advanced helmets on the market!

Starting off with the shell, the Alpha One Pro Helmet is constructed of a completely one-piece shell! This high-density plastic shell provides a stiff, durable, and lightweight barrier of advanced protection. The geometry of the shell itself is designed to provide great impact diffusion! In short, this means better protection against impacts such as deflected pucks or errant sticks.

Hockey heads are important and where the Alpha One Pro Helmet truly stands out is in the protection department! This is thanks to Warrior’s OmniShock system consisting of Impax foams. The Impax foams provide protection against catastrophic injury, as well as specific small and medium impacts!

Not only does the Alpha One Pro Helmet feature great protection, it also features superior comfort as well! The AdaptFit 270 Technology by BOA helps maximize comfort, further enhancing the protection aspect. The micro-adjusted AdaptFit 270 fit system provides a comfortable and balanced fit thanks to the BOA dial on the back of the helmet. This dial allows players to tighten or loosen the overall fit of the helmet, depending on their preference, providing a snug and comfortable fit for extended periods of time!

Continuing along the comfort aspect, the Alpha One Pro Helmet features a flow comfort Polygiene Liner and venting! The removable liner pads, treated with Polygiene, absorb sweat and dry quickly, keeping players cool, dry, and odor-free! The strategically placed helmet venting has been designed to keep players from overheating.

Topping everything off, the Alpha One Pro Helmet comes equipped with the Alpha One Pro Face Cage. This cage comes with Optimum vision clarity, helping players stay focused on the game without having to worry about impaired vision! The Alpha One Pro Cage also features a suspended floating dual-density chin cup that fits comfortably and can be adjusted to fit individual face shapes!

Thanks to advancements made to cater to the speed and physicality of today’s game, the Alpha One Pro Helmet stands out above the rest! Your hockey head is important. Protect it with the Warrior Alpha One Pro Hockey Helmet Combo!

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